K.L. Barnes ... Is Dreaming Up Suspense !

The Dells - A Moms Weekend Mystery


The Dells


They’re smart, they’re funny, and they’re about as tough as a bag of marshmallows. But when a fun filled moms weekend becomes a race against time, these caring, courageous women pull out all the stops.

During the annual moms weekend trip to scenic Prescott, Arizona, a stranger develops an unhealthy interest in their antics. And what started out as a practical joke becomes deadly serious.

The troops band together when fun loving Tara disappears without a trace. Joining forces with local detective Butch Cameron, seven resourceful – not to mention stubborn – women work to find their friend before it’s too late.

Lead detective Butch Cameron heads up a state wide manhunt for the suspected serial killer, but it turns out the real challenge is keeping the victim’s friends out of harm’s way.

It doesn’t take long for Butch to develop a real affection for the ladies, the adorable C.C. Wainwright in particular. Loving one of them means he has to love them all, and Butch soon discovers just how far he will go to keep them safe at The Dells.